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Time to adopt a new mindset

Published 2011-12-06 13:55:49

durban-nobelweb-110-55High-level dialogue urges climate negotiators to ‘adopt a new mindset’ that listens to science and addresses the links between global sustainability, poverty eradication, social justice and development.

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Durban High-level Dialogue and Adaptation Round Table: Invitation to press conference

Published 2011-12-02 09:29:55

durban-nobelweb-110-55The organisers of the 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability have the pleasure of welcoming members of the media to a press conference on 6 December, 2011, at the international climate change negotiations in Durban.

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Nobel Laureates hand over recommendations to UN high level panel on global sustainability

Published 2011-05-18 11:56:09

Sthlm_110_55The Stockholm Memorandum concludes that the planet has entered a new geological age, the Anthropocene. It recommends a suite of urgent and far-reaching actions for decision makers and societies to become active stewards of the planet for future generations.

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Humanity on trial in Nobel Laureate Court Case

Published 2011-05-17 04:53:45

110-55-city-crowd-P-Istintivo-flickrHumanity standing on trial in a court case arranged at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, with a jury of Nobel Laureates. The verdict will be handed over to the UN High-level Panel on Global Sustainability.

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UN High-level Panel joins Memorandum signing ceremony

Published 2011-05-12 00:00:42

110-55-high-level-panelPresident Tarja Halonen, Gro Harlem Brundtland and Kevin Rudd among members of the UN High-level Panel on Global Sustainability to participate at the presentation of the results from the Nobel Laureate Symposium on 18 May.

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